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The Power of Story-First Filmmaking



Story is one of the most effective ways of moving your audience emotionally. Emotion is the gateway to changing beliefs and driving action. Moving people emotionally will create a more lasting connection than if we simply drown them in facts and features of our product or service.



It is increasingly difficult to create a content that an audience will watch and stay with. A strong story structure cuts through the noise and helps to hold your audience tightly from the first to last frame.



A strong story has been shown to increase the perceived value of the products or brands featured within the story. Story also increases the likelihood that the audience will donate or purchase your products.


The Process

Development & Pre-Production

Our first process milestone is the creative brief where we outline a series of 4 story keywords. these are a tangible representation of our objective for the film that considers the tone, outcome and unique facets of this story. we will also share how the story will come together in a set of storyboards and/or story synopsis. this will outline the story structure (plot), along with the places we’ll use to visually bring the story to life. This process can also consist of optioning scripts.


Our second process milestone is where we head into the field to bring the storyboards to life. with a clear objective and story structure in place, we’ll look to capture exactly what we need in an intentional way.


Our third process milestone is to bring the film together in post-production. this stage comes together rather quickly because of the intention weaved throughout the process up until now. it’s not uncommon for our first cut to be approved because of this great deal of thought.

Delivery & Distribution

Our final process milestone is the delivery stage where the client finally gets to see all the hard work in completion and can share their brand film to the world. We also have relationships with various distribution channels if a projects requires more than local sharing. 

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